101 Awards Ceremony Will Still Bring Players And Coaches Together

Once the NFL owners lockout the players as expected, you won’t get to see players spend time with their coaches.  However, according to Adam Teicher, no labor issues will prevent the 101 Awards Banquet from taking place Saturday because it is seen as a third-party function.

Organizers have been told that coaches Todd Haley of the Chiefs and Mike Smith of the Falcons and players Clay Matthews of the Packers, Troy Polamalu of the Steelers and Michael Vick of the Eagles will attend.  Tom Brady won’t be attending but his absence has nothing to do with the lockout or possibility of one.

Also scheduled to attend are the winners of the Chiefs awards, Jamaal Charles as MVP and Eric Berry as rookie of the year.

There’s a good chance that after Saturday, Haley won’t be able to spend extended time with Charles or Berry until well into the summer when this ridiculous work stoppage comes to an end.  Unless, of course, both sides come to their senses and reach a deal sooner rather than later to keep the best game in the world going strong.

Clark Hunt will also be in the house to present the Award for Professional Football named after his father after sitting in on the CBA negotiations this week in Washington, D.C.  Will be interesting to see the Chiefs owner interact with the very players he is a part of locking out.

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