Chiefs Bringing In Another Quarterback?

Oklahoma Thunder, a team playing in the World Football League, are 8-0 and won their last game 94-0.  Yes, ninety four to zero.  One of their offensive stars may soon get a tryout with the Kansas City Chiefs. According to assistant coach Thom Roundtree, Thunder first string quarterback Orrick “Rico” Watkins turned in an impressive […]

Quote: “I Don’t Know Why He Wants To Do It”

Hall of Fame quarterback Len Dawson is currently at the NFL rookie symposium in Florida.  But it wasn’t a rookie on his mind today, but instead 18-year-veteran Brett Favre and the continuing drama surrounding his retirement.  Dawson was quick to question Favre’s desire to play for a division rival. “I don’t know why he wants […]

Read: How The West Will Be Won (By The Chiefs!)

It must be sunny over by the Kansas City Star offices, because the Kent Babb is explaining how the Chiefs can win the AFC West in 2009. No, it’s not likely that the Chiefs will win the division this year.  It is possible, though.  Miami won the AFC East last year after going 1-15 in […]

Around The Web: Green Monday Morning QB, Explosion Needed, Greg Hill Joins Salisbury At Buffalo Wild Wings

With Sports Illustrated’s Peter King on vacation, former Chiefs quarterback Trent Green took a break from moving into his Kansas City home to  write today’s Monday Morning quarterback column. Green touches on what the NFL needs to do regarding players and concussions: The league needs to come up with minimum guidelines that each team must […]

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