Q&A: Todd Haley On Training Camp Day 1

Following the first day of training camp in River Falls, Chiefs head coach Todd Haley met with the media. Here are the highlights: If the players met his expectations as a group during the conditioning test: “About what I expected.  There were both ways, you could say, but about what I expected.  It’s a difficult […]

Page, Cottam & Charles Talk Camp

The UWRF training camp site offers some great coverage of the Chiefs daily movements.  After today’s conditioning test, they caught up with Jarrad Page, Brad Cottam and Jamaal Charles. Page didn’t seem too concerned with the competition he’ll be facing for his starting safety job. “I don’t really get into competition.  I just go out […]

Not Everyone Passed Haley’s Conditioning Test

During his appearance on The Red & Gold Report, Bob Gretz said any player that trains properly should be able to pass Todd Haley’s conditioning test.  Well, this afternoon a report on BobGretz.com reveals that maybe some players were not in the shape they needed to be in and failed the test. Haley would not […]

Conditioning Test… Cake?

The soon-to-be famous Todd Haley conditioning test is supposed to beat the players into submission.  Well that’s not the case for CB Brandon Carr, according to his twitter page. “Conditioning test…CAKE. Now it’s time to eat!!!” I’ve read a couple different versions of just what the test entails and I’m hoping that with today’s team […]

Around The Web: Jackson Close, Johnson Speaks, Addict Preview

The Kansas City Chiefs arrived in River Falls, Wisconsin yesterday for what will be their final training camp in the cheese state.  Every player — including Brian Waters and Mike Vrabel — that is under contract with the Chiefs was in attendance.  The only person missing was first round draft pick Tyson Jackson.  But according […]

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