Larry Johnson Takes “The Very High Road”

Kansas City Chiefs running back Larry Johnson may have reached a settlement that will keep his two week suspension intact while cutting the money lost in half, it doesn’t mean anyone knows what is going to happen next with the volatile running back according to his agent Peter Schaffer. Schaffer said the agreement with the […]

LJ, Chiefs Settle

The Kansas City Chiefs and Larry Johnson have agreed to a settlement, according to ESPN. Johnson is still suspended for conduct detrimental to the team for using a gay slur through Nov. 9 — but will be docked just one game check.  Players are paid weekly over 17 weeks. His base salary for 2009 is […]

League, Union Need To Affirm Chiefs’ Reaction

With word on Larry Johnson’s appeal of his suspension and/or settlement with the Chiefs expected this weekend or Monday, CBS Sports’ Clark Judge believes the NFL and NFLPA need to affirm the Chiefs’ reaction. In essence, he insulted his head coach, the gay community and fans everywhere — which is pretty much how I would […]

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