Q&A: Todd Haley & Charlie Weis

Following the announcement that Charlie Weis was hired as the offensive coordinator of the Kansas City Chiefs, Todd Haley and the newest member of his staff spoke with the media via conference call.  Here are the highlights: Charlie Weis’ Opening Statement: “Thank you, Todd and good morning to everyone, as well.  As I’ve been sitting […]

Charlie Weis Named Offensive Coordinator

The Kansas City Chiefs have officially named Charlie Weis offensive coordinator. Weis will be entering his 32nd season in the coaching ranks and his 16th year in the National Football League.  He has coached in five Super Bowls and owns four Super Bowl rings.  Weis joins the Chiefs after a five-year stint as the head […]

Parcells Picks Up Pioli’s Trash

Shortly after he took over as general manager of the Kansas City Chiefs, Scott Pioli sent a handful of Carl Peterson holdovers packing.  They say that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  Today that other man is Pioli’s father-in-law Bill Parcells and the possible treasure is Brian Johnston. He was drafted by the Chiefs […]

Chiefs Fan Wins Big

After finishing 4-12, there will be no championship for the Chiefs this season.  But one lucky man had a bit more success than his favorite team. A 36-year-old grocer and Kansas City Chiefs fans from Clyde, Kan., whose wife labeled fantasy football a “waste of time” and who admits “luck had more to do with […]

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