Players To Watch: Kansas City Chiefs vs. Green Bay Packers

The battle for the final spots on the Chiefs 53-man roster will conclude Thursday night in Kansas City as the Chiefs take on the Green Bay Packers.  We won’t see much of the first-team and might not even see a whole lot of the second-team, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be plenty to see […]

McCluster: I’m Not Going To Fold, No Matter Who Hits Me

When a head coach is trying to find ways to use a rookie as much as possible, that’s usually a sign that you have a winner.  So as Todd Haley manages Dexter McCluster’s time on the field, the only question has been if the diminutive playmaker can hold up at this level.  As McCluster told […]

Bill Grigsby Suffers A Setback

If you are a Chiefs fan then you know just how important Bill Grigsby has been to the franchise.  The Star’s Randy Covitz delivers the sobering news that the radio veteran has suffered a setback. Grigsby, 88, told me he is battling a form of prostate cancer.  Grigs has undergone treatment for the disease and, […]

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