The Best National Anthem Of The Season

I like the traditional national anthem before games as much as the next person, but this one could take the cake. Guns N’ roses has been known for a lot of different reasons since they were formed in the 80’s, but if it were up to me they’d now be known for having the guitarist […]

Chiefs, Bowe Are “Fine” Again

After falling out of Peter King’s “Fine Fifteen”, the Kansas City Chiefs have once again made an appearance following their 31-13 win over the Arizona Cardinals.  One of the biggest reasons is Dwayne Bowe, who gets co-player of the week honors. 13. Kansas City (6-4).  It’s not hard to beat Arizona badly. But the one […]

Cassel Isn’t The Enemy After All

Does the much maligned Matt Cassel deserve an apology from Chiefs fans?  The Star’s Sam Mellinger feels he does after we got to see what a bad QB looks like in Derek Anderson along with what Cassel has done for Kansas City the last 8 games. He doesn’t kill drives with fumbles or forced passes.  […]

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