Rushing Title For Foster “Important” To Texans

Entering the final weekend of the NFL’s regular season, Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles is just 56 yards behind the league’s leading rusher, Houston’s Arian Foster.  Charles has said he is “still trying to get the rushing title”, while head coach Todd Haley continues to talk about playing his starters as if nothing has changed. […]

Still Just One Name On Chiefs Injury Report

Following their practice on Thursday for their regular season finale against the Oakland Raiders, the Kansas City Chiefs once again listed just one player on the injury report. Did Not Participate Donald Washington (ankle) As it stands right now, the Chiefs are the healthiest team in the NFL  As amazing a feat it is to […]

Todd Haley’s Chiefs Will Play To Win The Game

The Kansas City Chiefs have already locked up the AFC West, meaning in the grand scheme of things Sunday’s game against the Oakland Raiders doesn’t mean much. After all, wouldn’t Todd Haley want to make sure he keeps one of the healthiest teams in the NFL… well, healthy? Nope.  According to the head coach, his […]

Cris Collinsworth Loves Matt Cassel (Now)

If you have followed “Inside The NFL” at all this season, you know that Cris Collinsworth hasn’t exactly been the biggest fan of Kansas City Chiefs QB Matt Cassel.  At one point he went as far as to say “I like everything except the quarterback and the receiver.” On this week’s episode, Collinsworth showed up […]

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