More Red Flags Emerge For Phil Taylor

When evaluating Baylor’s Phil Taylor, the biggest concerns have surrounded his off-the-field issues that led to his exit at Penn State earlier in his career.  The most recent red flag being raised are about Taylor’s feet, according to Rob Rang.

Taylor, according to MRIs taken at the Combine, has bones growing together in his feet.  The condition, which according to the source is not correctable through surgery, is a pain tolerance issue.  Considering that Taylor played much of his senior season at 330-340 pounds — and has allowed his weight to get into the 380s in the past — teams are concerned that his weight will only make the injury tougher to handle.

“If he was a 190 pound player, it might be different.  Or, if he was an older player and you were only signing him for a few years, it might be different,” a source said.  “But, it is pretty hard to invest a first round pick in a player who you know coming in is being red-flagged by the doctors.”

“This isn’t just our team, by the way.  Every team gets the MRIs.  Every other team is seeing this too.”

If the character concerns alone didn’t push Taylor down or off of the Kansas City Chiefs board, this almost certainly will.  We all know how Todd Haley feels about players needing to stay on the field and there is simply no way to know if Taylor is going to be able to play thru pain the way some of the Chiefs veterans have done the last couple of years.

With such a big need in the middle of the defensive line, I suppose we could see Taylor’s name connected with Kansas City if slips far enough down in the second round.  Something tells me a team will roll the dice on him before the Chiefs second pick rolls around, but it does bear watching.

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