Kansas City Restaurants Might Need To Alter Their Menus for New Chief Allen Bailey

Kansas City Chiefs third round pick Allen Bailey played at Miami, a huge college.  However, he hails from tiny Hog Hammock on Sapelo Island, population of approx. 50.  When he heads out to Kansas City, Bailey will bring with him a big appetite for things like raccoon, possum and armadillo.

“Raccoon has a good flavor, it tastes like nothing else,” Bailey says.

After getting the call from the Chiefs Friday night, Bailey tried to learn a little bit about Kansas City. It’s a long way from the Atlantic Ocean and Sapelo Island, but a staple of his childhood diet is also considered a delicacy in Missouri.

It’s raccoon, a recipe for which was included in the first edition of “The Joy of Cooking.”

Listen to Jeff Beringer, a biologist with the Missouri Department of Conservation: “Raccoon meat is some of the healthiest meat you can eat.  It’s the ultimate organic food.”

Bailey wouldn’t disagree.  He’s a 6-foot-3, tightly muscled billboard for the virtues of lean protein, hunted by his kin, cooked by his mom.

Bailey’s story is great.  He had to ride a ferry just to get to high school every day and you’ll like him the more tape you watch.  While initially I thought Scott Pioli would have been better served picking up another offensive lineman or an inside linebacker, Bailey looks like he will be perfect for this team.

He gets locked up a little too much, but Bailey always plays through the whistle and has amazing speed for someone carrying around 285 pounds.

Any one in Kansas City putting their new menus together might want to make a few changes so Bailey has a place to get his home cooking and you know he’ll be bringing along a few of his fellow rookies.


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