Will Need Trump History At No. 21?

One of the positions thought to be in the running for the Kansas City Chiefs on Thursday in the first round is offensive tackle.  But as PFW’s Nolan Nawrocki tells The Star, Scott Pioli isn’t known for going in that direction.

“If you look at the history of New England and how they’ve built their roster, they just in general have not drafted tackles very highly,” Nawrocki said.  “Bill Belichick has been able to conceal the shortcomings with his edge blockers by providing a lot of (help from backs and tight ends).  It’s just the way they scheme them.

“One thing that’s very clear is that there’s a need.  I thought they should have addressed it last year in the draft.  I think Barry Richardson has been a solid guy.  I think he’s very committed. He’s not great and wasn’t drafted highly and may not have a big name but he’s been a solid player and I think they feel fairly comfortable with him there.

“They trust (Albert) on that left side.  The issues have been more about being able to control his weight and staying disciplined than any issue about the talent.  I think they feel comfortable there.  Could they draft a tackle?  Absolutely.  It’s all going to be a function of what type of talent is available on the board at the time they come up.”

This whole first round situation is fascinating.  Following three years of the Chiefs drafting in the top five and there being such little doubt surrounding who the pick will be right before the draft, this year is a welcome change.  Not just because it means there was a winning team in Kansas City, but also how the team controls so little regarding just which players will be available at No. 21.

If Pioli has it in his mind that there’s no need to draft an offensive lineman in the first round, specifically a right tackle, then that has to increase the likelihood of trading back and picking up more picks.  However, before you assume anything about Pioli’s thinking, remember that he wouldn’t ever take a safety with the fifth pick in the draft.  Turns out, if it’s the right player then it’s the right player.

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