Greg McElroy Could Be Part Of The Right 53

As we have seen over the first two years of the Scott Pioli-Todd Haley era, there are certain traits a player must have in order to be part of “the Right 53”.  From day one, we have heard about big, strong, fast, smart, tough, disciplined football players and have seen this regime go out and draft players that fit the bill.

There are a clearly plenty of players that can’t hit all of those requirements, but what if they improve is most areas over what the Chiefs currently have on the roster?

One perfect example of this is Alabama QB Greg McElroy.  In short, he represents a younger, more durable, athletic and successful version of current Chiefs backup Brodie Croyle.

The two stand an identical 6’2″ tall with McElroy carrying about 15 more pounds on his frame.  Even with that extra weight, his times at the NFL Combine were better or nearly equal to those of Croyle’s back in 2006.

While he doesn’t bring the cannon of an arm that Croyle has, clearly that isn’t a deal breaker in Kansas City after Haley and Pioli put all of their eggs in the Matt Cassel basket.  McElroy does bring, however, an elite score in the Wonderlic Test (48 of 50) and more importantly a resume of winning.  Not only did he win a National Championship while at Alabama, he did it with cracked cracked ribs.

Overall as a starter, all McElroy did was win as he compiled a 24-3 record as a starter.  Last season he helped push eventual National Champion Auburn to the brink with 377 yards, 2 TDs and 0 INT.

And, yes, McElroy was a captain of the 2010 Alabama team.  That came after he finished his undergraduate degree in three years followed by his master’s degree with a perfect GPA of 4.0.

He also carries a lot of confidence with him, telling Dan Patrick that even though he doesn’t have as high of a ceiling as potential No. 1 overall pick Cam Newton, he could have a better career in the NFL.

“As far as understanding and processing information … five years down the road will he be a more productive player than me?  That remains to be seen.”

That confidence has not helped calm his draft stock.  Depending on your preferred draftnik, McElroy is either going off the board somewhere between the fourth and seventh round.  QB isn’t seen as a position of need for Kansas City, but as the rounds go by it will be hard not to pull the trigger on a reliable option behind Cassel.

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