Vermeil Knows All About Emotions Of Draft Day

Judging by the growing buzz as the NFL Draft approaches, there is a chance we will see more action this year than ever before.  Every time a team moves around on the draft board, a team’s mock draft gets blown up due to the uncertainty.  Former Kansas City Chiefs coach Dick Vermeil told the Star about how it could lead to a sort of “no man’s land”.

“Sometimes disappointment occurs five minutes before you make the pick.  You have somebody you’ve discussed thoroughly, and you’re really ready to go and, bang, somebody else takes him.  That creates a disappointing, sinking feeling.

“Nine times out of 10, you’re organized enough to go on to the next guy.  But that doesn’t eliminate the disappointment.”

“It’s hard to predict when it’s going to happen.  It’s why you see so many trades.  There are teams that see something happening and they’re willing to move up ahead and give something up for the right to get there.  It’s like added insurance to getting the guy they really want.”

Even though the Chiefs were looking to trade the No. 3 overall pick two years ago, I wouldn’t put their selection of Tyson Jackson as being made under duress.  Jackson is a player that Pioli targeted and was fully prepared to select if he was not able to work a trade, not someone he decided on last minute after someone jumped out in front of him and took his first choice.

Sitting at No. 21, there are countless things that could happen this year that shake up the direction Kansas City goes, unlike the last three years of sitting in the first five picks.  After seeing what Pioli could do last year after having a full season at the helm gives me confidence that he won’t blink if one of his “guys” is snapped up right before the Chiefs are due to pick.

Every draft you see the value of your General Manager, but never more than when things are as volatile as they are expected to be tonight.  These are the days where you can separate the  men from the boys.

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