Report: No Issue With Phil Taylor’s Feet

Shortly after word started to spread that Baylor DT Phil Taylor had a serious issue with his feet, NFP countered with a report that attempts to debunk that claim.

“No team has an issue with him,” the source said.

The source theorized that teams were trying to downgrade the first-round draft prospect’s stock in hopes of him falling to them.

Taylor had eight official visits, including: the New York Jets, Pittsburgh Steelers, Cleveland Browns, Indianapolis Colts, Tennessee Titans, Kansas City Chiefs, San Francisco 49ers and the New Orleans Saints.

Taylor conducted three private workouts with the Browns, Chiefs and an undisclosed AFC playoff team.

Taylor is regarded as a rising prospect on draft boards, especially after the Senior Bowl where he shoved around blockers.

Let the speculation begin (continue?)!  Could this whole issue be a team trying to push down his stock?  Absolutely.  It also could very much be true with his agent going to NFP attempting to push that stock back in the other direction.  It wouldn’t be draft season without a little back and forth between teams and agents.

Scott Pioli and the Kansas City Chiefs know for sure if there are any red flags for Taylor other than the off-the-field issues he had early in his career at Penn State.  If the GM decides to pull the trigger on the big man from Baylor with the 21st pick, you can be sure that there isn’t any sort of pre-existing condition with his feet.

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