Dustin Colquitt Puts Labor Battle In Perspective

As the the week progresses without a deal between the owners and players, the optimism that had surrounded the extended CBA talks is dwindling.  With both sides so passionate about their position, it’s sometimes hard to put the labor battle in perspective.  Kansas City Chiefs punter Dustin Colquitt did just that this week.

“Obviously, we’re fighting over millions of dollars.  But there are people in this world that fight over water and food and necessities like that,” Colquitt said.  “If we can look at it like that, I’m sure they can come to an agreement and we can keep on playing.”

Colquitt realizes nothing is certain, even though both sides will lose if an agreement isn’t reached.

“We have a lot of players reps that are in Washington right now doing their due diligence and being at the meetings and trying to make this thing work,” he said.  “As a player, I’m concerned about not working.  We have a great product, and I just urge them to think wisely what they’re doing.”

Hopefully the millionaires and billionaires that are haggling right now can step away and see that they are lucky to have so much money to divvy up in the first place.  Obviously that doesn’t mean they should skip around together and say yes to every demand the other side has, but it would be nice if they could meet in the middle without being pushed there.

The man that signs Colquitt’s checks — Chiefs owner Clark Hunt — is right in the middle of negotiations, giving him a chance to make sure a deal gets done before Friday’s deadline.  Hunt can put his stamp on the immediate future of the league similar to the way his father did when the NFL was in it’s infancy.

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