ESPN Mock Brings New Name To The Table

Of all the mock drafts floating around, we have seen plenty of different offensive and defensive linemen projected to be selected by the Kansas City Chiefs.  In the latest ESPN mock, however, a new name is mentioned for Romeo Crennel’s defense.

21. Muhammad Wilkerson, DT, 6-4, 315, Temple

Analysis: The Chiefs are relieved Tampa Bay didn’t take Wilkerson. He is a versatile player who will fit in with this defensive line and should help this young defense continue to improve.

The man they call “Mo” is a promising, young prospect that has the potential to be special.  Most people view Wilkerson as an end in a 3-4, not exactly at the top of the Chiefs list of needs, but they have played smaller guys in the middle before — hello, Ron Edwards — and could continue that if they decide to go with the Owls team captain.

While he wouldn’t be my first choice, Scott Pioli could do a lot worse than taking a super athletic, 300-pound, 21-year old that was a star on defense and still played special teams.

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