Chiefs Wouldn’t Be 1st 4-7 Team To Reach Playoffs

Things look bleak for the Kansas City Chiefs right now.  They are in the midst of a four-game losing streak, their next three opponents were in the playoffs last season (including the Super Bowl champs) and they are on QB no. 2 on the way to no. 3.

Odds are the Chiefs aren’t heading back to the playoffs for the second straight season.  But for those looking for some sort of hope, Todd Haley’s crew wouldn’t be the first team to fight back from a 4-7 start to reach the playoffs…  they would be the fourth.

Since 1990, 92 teams have had a 4-7 record and three of those have made it to the postseason.  That is a whopping 3.3 percent!  That fun stat comes to us today via Adam Schefter.

The improbable trip to the playoffs obviously needs to start with a win Sunday against the Chicago Bears, but it’s a game that all of a sudden looks winnable.  The Bears have quarterback problems of their own with Jay Cutler out for the season and are coming off a 25-20 loss to the Oakland Raiders.

After taking out the Bears, the next step would be to push the New York Jets season over the edge with another victory on the road against a struggling team.  That would be followed by a loss to the Green Bay Packers, something that everyone not employed by the Chiefs would concede will happen in Week 15.

Then the season comes to a close with a game against two AFC West rivals, including the team the Chiefs are chasing in the Raiders.  Wins in both of those games would bring Kansas City to an 8-8 record, good enough to make the playoffs in some years.

Likely?  No way.  Possible?  Absolutely!  To the tune of 3.3 percent!

Yes, Virginia, there is a chance the Chiefs make the playoffs.

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