Todd Haley: Chiefs Ran Three Plays Vs. Bucs

If the Kansas City Chiefs game plan seemed a little vanilla on Friday night’s 25-0 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, it’s for good reason.  Head coach Todd Haley told Jim Corbett that the team installed just three plays in order to prevent the younger players from feeling overburdened.

On the surface it might seem like a ridiculous idea, but with so few veterans playing on the field at Arrowhead it makes sense to limit the playbook.

With that being said, I went back and watched the film and the Chiefs ran more than three plays.  Even if you take away the (numerous) times quarterbacks Tyler Palko and Ricky Stanzi were running for their lives, there were multiple calls, though it wasn’t that far beyond three plays.

“We’re just trying to get a baseline on strength and conditioning,” Haley said.  “We’re not there yet.”

“That’s been the plan.  We’re sticking with it. … You can’t be affected by a preseason game.”

Don’t expect to see a specific game plan for the Baltimore Ravens this weekend, but you should see a more extensive batch of plays called by Haley and offensive coordinator Bill Muir.

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