Game Balls: Chiefs vs. Bills

The Kansas City Chiefs started the 2011 season with a game equally ugly as the one that ended their 2010 campaign.  Just like their 30-7 loss to the Baltimore Ravens in the first round of the playoffs last season, the Chiefs 41-7 dismantling at the hands of the Buffalo Bills was embarrassing from start to finish.

Usually when you open the game by losing a fumble on the kickoff and you follow that up by giving up a touchdown six plays later, things generally can only get better.  In the Chiefs case, the game continued to unravel at an amazing pace with a new low around every corner.

Between Jamaal Charles only running the ball 10 times and losing a fumble and the Buffalo offense looking all-world against an absent Chiefs defense, there wasn’t much to like at Arrowhead on Sunday afternoon if you were a fan of the home team.

On a day that game balls probably don’t deserve to be handed out, we’ve still managed to find the best of the worst on offense, defense and special teams.

Offense: Steve Breaston

There isn’t any player that played a complete game, including Breaston who didn’t hear his name called until the Bills were already up 20-0.  However, he managed to catch the only two passes thrown his way, including a 20 yarder that helped set up the Chiefs only touchdown of the game in the second quarter.

Breaston also had a couple very impressive blocks in the running game, proving that he wasn’t going through the motions despite the game being out of hand.

Defense: Brandon Flowers

Once safety Eric Berry left the game with a knee injury, Flowers and fellow cornerback Brandon Carr were literally playing on their own islands.  Knowing you have zero help at all times is a tough way to play the game and while the Bills destroyed the middle of the field, Flowers managed to make a some nice plays.

Flowers was credited with 2 tackles (though I had him in on at least two more), 2 passes defensed and the Chiefs only turnover of the game when he intercepted Brad Smith in the final minutes of the fourth quarter.

If the Chiefs are without Berry for any extended period of time, all of a sudden Flowers will be faced with having to pitch shutouts on the outside.

Special Teams: Javier Arenas

As bad as Kansas City was on offense and defense, special teams wasn’t much better.  Dexter McCluster coughed up the opening kickoff, Dustin Colquitt looked nothing like the spectacular performer he was int he preseason and Ryan Succop missed the only field goal he attempted.

That leaves Javier Arenas.  He returned his only punt 15 yards and took three kicks 55 yards, including a 22 yarder.  Best of all?  He managed to hold onto the ball!

Not the most impressive outings he’s ever given us on special teams, but the bar was set very low by the rest of the Chiefs special teamers.

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