NFL Changes Kickoff Rules, Chiefs To Benefit

The NFL owners voted to change the rules for kickoffs on Tuesday, reportedly by a vote of 26 to six.  Kickoffs will move from the 30 to the 35 yard line.  However, not all of the changes proposed were passed by the owners. With the input of coaches, though, the committee decided to allow return […]

Lockout Claims Chiefs Conditioning Program

The Kansas City Chiefs were scheduled to kick off their conditioning program on Monday, but due to the NFL’s lingering labor dispute, all players are prevented from visiting the team’s facilities.  Alternate player advocate Andy Studebaker knows there are no winners right now. “It hurts the team, it hurts the fans, it hurts the game […]

Charles, Flowers Make All-2008 Draft Team

With questions surrounding how, if at all, the lockout will change Scott Pioli’s draft plans it’s important to remember that a full evaluation shouldn’t be made until after three years.  Now that we are three years removed from the 2008 draft, Pro Football Focus has put together a squad with the best players from each […]

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