Haley Believes New Rules Could Bring Surprises

The NFL owners decided this week to move the ball on kickoffs up five yards to the 35, making touchbacks more likely than years past.  The idea is to prevent injuries that happen during the high impact collisions on kickoffs.  Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley told Josh Looney that he thinks the change […]

Happy (2nd) Birthday To Us!

Time sure does fly when you’re having fun. Last week I got an email congratulating KC Chiefs Blog for two years of analysis on the best franchise the NFL has to offer.  “That’s odd,” I thought, figuring that we had just celebrated our first year covering the Chiefs. However, a quick glance at the calendar […]

Chiefs Rushing Attack Will Remain Intact

The NFL’s No. 1 rushing offense will have hit the field next season with the same two running backs that carried the load last year.  Pro Bowler Jamaal Charles was a given, but veteran Thomas Jones was less of a certainty.  Chiefs head coach Todd Haley repeated that not only was he happy with Jones’ […]

Todd Haley Continues To Dodge Play-Calling Issue

No one knows when the Kansas City Chiefs coaches will even have the ability to call plays thanks to the owners locking out the players, but that doesn’t mean Todd Haley won’t be asked about it at every opportunity.  The latest was at the NFL meetings in New Orleans earlier this week and the head […]

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