Madden NFL ’12 Cover: Charles Falls To Hillis

Kansas City Chiefs RB Jamaal Charles’ quest to grace the cover of Madden 2012 has come to a screeching halt. After a convincing victory over Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow and a squeaker against Jacksonville Jaguars RB Maurice Jones-Drew, Charles couldn’t overcome Cleveland Browns RB Peyton Hillis. Hillis easily cruised by Charles, taking 60% of […]

Bowe, Vrabel To Attend NFLPA Rookie Debut Event

The NFL Player Association may have decided not to stand in the way of prospects attending the draft, but that doesn’t mean, however, that they won’t still be having a events of their own.  The events are being dubbed “The Debut“. While their events won’t compete directly with the draft, the former union will have […]

Haith Could Bring Emmitt Thomas Closer To His Son

One of the most important things a new head coach — in any sport — has to do is build a staff of assistants.  For Missouri’s Frank Haith, one of those men may be Derek Thomas, bringing a Chiefs assistant coach much closer to his son. Thomas, an assistant coach at Detroit Mercy and the […]

A USC QB Not Named Cassel Plans A Team Workout

As the NFL lockout drags on, it seems more and more players are planning “unofficial” workouts to try and take the place of the normal OTAs.  We have already heard about Philip Rivers leading the charge for the Chargers in the AFC West and while there has been no news of a Matt Cassel-led Chiefs […]

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