Dream Mock Draft For Chiefs Fans

There has been a lot of back and forth between Kansas City Chiefs fans about just who the best option would be for Todd Haley & Co. with the 21st pick in the first round.  What if the two players most mentioned didn’t have to be an either/or scenario but instead the team could have […]

Coaches Vs. Scouts Over Draft Decisions

There are going to be a lot of voices that want to be heard when it comes time for the Kansas City Chiefs to make each of their selections in next week’s draft.  Bob Gretz has tackled the blurring lines between coaching and scouting this morning, with a couple of very interesting examples. In the […]

Report: No Issue With Phil Taylor’s Feet

Shortly after word started to spread that Baylor DT Phil Taylor had a serious issue with his feet, NFP countered with a report that attempts to debunk that claim. “No team has an issue with him,” the source said. The source theorized that teams were trying to downgrade the first-round draft prospect’s stock in hopes […]

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