Primetime Has Treated Chiefs Well Over The Years

The Kansas City Chiefs were rewarded for their AFC West championship with three regular season primetime games by the NFL.  Over on the official site, Josh Looney went back in history and found that the Chiefs have an impressive record (47-26) in primetime showdowns. SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL Record: 9-4 (.692) MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL Record: 21-15 […]

McShay Mock Presents Three Chief Scenarios

With the NFL Draft just over a week away, Todd McShay has broken out his second-to-last mock draft before his full seven rounder.  In it he provides three potential scenarios for each team, including a new name projected for the Kansas City Chiefs. Brooks Reed, DE, Arizona Scenario 1: This might seem a bit high […]

Searching For Chiefs Under The Radar In The SEC

After seeing the Kansas City Chiefs select four players from the SEC in 2010, including their first three picks, there is every reason to believe that Scott Pioli will be looking towards the best conference in the country once again. There’s no shortage of big-name talent at the top of the draft that will be […]

Chiefs Schedule Features 3 Primetime Games

Following a 2010 season that ended with an AFC West championship, the Kansas City Chiefs will follow that up with the third most difficult schedule in the NFL. Not only did the Chiefs earn a more difficult road to the playoffs, but also three nationally televised games: Week 8 Monday, October 31 Chargers at Chiefs […]

Jones’ Decline Should Bring Charles More Touches

Jamaal Charles proved to be one of the most dangerous running back in the NFL last season, even though he only had three games with 20 carries.  A large part of that was due to head coach Todd Haley’s trust in veteran Thomas Jones.  Jones, however, struggled down the stretch and we shouldn’t expect that […]

Dream Mock Draft For Chiefs Fans

There has been a lot of back and forth between Kansas City Chiefs fans about just who the best option would be for Todd Haley & Co. with the 21st pick in the first round.  What if the two players most mentioned didn’t have to be an either/or scenario but instead the team could have […]

Coaches Vs. Scouts Over Draft Decisions

There are going to be a lot of voices that want to be heard when it comes time for the Kansas City Chiefs to make each of their selections in next week’s draft.  Bob Gretz has tackled the blurring lines between coaching and scouting this morning, with a couple of very interesting examples. In the […]

Report: No Issue With Phil Taylor’s Feet

Shortly after word started to spread that Baylor DT Phil Taylor had a serious issue with his feet, NFP countered with a report that attempts to debunk that claim. “No team has an issue with him,” the source said. The source theorized that teams were trying to downgrade the first-round draft prospect’s stock in hopes […]

More Red Flags Emerge For Phil Taylor

When evaluating Baylor’s Phil Taylor, the biggest concerns have surrounded his off-the-field issues that led to his exit at Penn State earlier in his career.  The most recent red flag being raised are about Taylor’s feet, according to Rob Rang. Taylor, according to MRIs taken at the Combine, has bones growing together in his feet.  […]

Take Your Pick: Ayers, Pouncey Or Taylor

There is no way to know exactly which players Scott Pioli and the Kansas City Chiefs will have available to him two weeks from now in the first round of the NFL Draft.  That doesn’t stop us all from projecting and’s Bill Williamson was asked who would be the pick between UCLA’s Akeem Ayers, […]

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