Schlereth, Wiley Hold Arrowhead In High Regard

An argument that will be settled is which stadium in the NFL is the toughest for the road team. bloggers ranked Arrowhead 4th and then on NFL live the question was posed to former Bronco Mark Schlereth and and former Charger Marcellus Wiley and they were both very clear with their answer: Arrowhead. “I’ll […]

Jared Allen Wants To Bring The Mullet Back

During his time in Kansas City, Jared Allen’s started down the road towards a mullet, but it took until he was with the Minnesota Vikings to see the full power of his hair.  Allen, having since retired the mullet, was on PFT Live with Mike Florio this week and talked about his infamous look. “I […]

Former Chiefs RB Sues NCAA For Libel

If you were looking for a connection between the Kansas City Chiefs and the NCAA’s Reggie Bush investigation, here it is.  Former Kansas City Chiefs running back and USC assistant coach has filed suit accusing the NCAA of libel, slander and misconduct. McNair was punished for what the NCAA claimed was his role in the […]

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