No Need To Ask, I Know You’re Ready

After dozens of false starts – and more importantly false hope — the NFL players and owners have agreed to a new 10-year collective bargaining agreement.  With the new pact signed, sealed and delivered, it’s finally time for football again and, no, there’s no reason to ask if you’re ready because that’s obvious. Hopefully this […]

New Agreement Brings With It A New Schedule

The NFL lockout is finally coming to an end, with the owners and players coming to an agreement on the final details of a new CBA early on Monday morning, according to Jay Glazer.  With a new deal finalized, the schedule for what happens next will be different than first reported. Under the new terms, […]

Niswanger: Players Are Ready For Training Camp

After more false starts than I can remember, the NFL lockout is set to end now that the players and owners have agreed to all aspects of a new CBA.  Kansas City Chiefs center Rudy Niswanger, who has been on top of the negotiations from day one, thinks players are ready for training camp. “This […]

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