Cerrato: We Almost Traded For Jamaal Charles

The story here is that the Kansas City Chiefs nearly traded Jamaal Charles to the Washington Redskins before he was Jamaal Chalres, but it really should be that former Skins general manager Vinny Cerrato nearly made a good move! The Star’s Adam Teicher was a guest on Cerrato’s radio show when he was told that […]

Players To Watch: Kansas City Chiefs vs. Baltimore Ravens

The Kansas City Chiefs look to find their stride Friday night when they travel to Baltimore to take on the Ravens in a preseason matchup. Win-loss records don’t mean a thing in the preseason, but the Chiefs do need to show a whole lot more than they did in their 25-0 loss to the Tampa […]

Peter King’s Chiefs Training Camp Wrap

On his way to continue the rest of his NFL training camp tour, Peter King wrapped up his thoughts on the Kansas City Chiefs potential in a video for SI.com. It should come as no surprise to Chiefs fans that King leads off with the player that will be leading the team’s offense onto the […]

“The Right 53” 2011 Version 1.0

The Kansas City Chiefs are just about at the halfway point of the preseason and the first cuts are right around the corner.  While the roster currently sits at 89, Todd Haley and Scott Pioli will have their hands full trying to sort out a path to 53 before opening day on September 11th. Even […]

Succop Ready To Mix It Up With New Kickoff Rules

Just a week into the NFL preseason and the new kickoff rules, moving the ball up five yards, seems to be universally panned by fans and players alike.  But love it or hate it, get used to it at least for the 2011 season because it isn’t going away. The Kansas City Chiefs only kicked […]

Video: USO Day At Chiefs Training Camp

“We talk a lot about, in our building, about dependability, reliability.  When you talk about this group, obviously it can’t mean any more to anybody, because their lives depend on the person standing next to them or the person that has their back or the person they are counting on.” Todd Haley welcomed the military […]

Forget Bieber, Keary Colbert Is The YouTube Star

The Kansas City Chiefs — and every other NFL team — scour the country (and beyond) for the best players to fit into their system.  In new WR Keary Colbert’s case, it wasn’t a glowing scouting report that brought him to Kansas City, but rather a YouTube video. Sports Illustrated’s Peter King visited Chiefs camp […]

Chiefs Sign Undrafted Free Agent Harold Ayodele

The Kansas City Chiefs have signed undrafted free agent DL Harold Ayodele from Emporia State. Even though the team is only in St. Joe for a few more days, they were still two short of the roster limit of 90.  With the signing of Ayodele, the roster sits at 89 and while they should be […]

Chiefs Enlist Special Training Camp Coaches

When SI’s Peter King visited Kansas City Chiefs training camp in St. Joe on Monday, he brought with him more than a notebook.  As part of “USO On Wheels”, 14 military personnel from Whiteman Air Force Base were able to attend the practice. Instead of just treating them as the special guests they are with […]

Stage Could Be Set For Haley-Fitzgerald Reunion

While he was with the Arizona Cardinals, Kansas City Chiefs head coach Todd Haley built a special relationship with WR Larry Fitzgerald.  After things went south in Arizona last season without QB Kurt Warner running the offense, it was suggested that the talented WR could be had for the right price. Now comes word from […]

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