Chiefs Have Second Most Cap Space In NFL

Once again, the Kansas City Chiefs find themselves sitting on a ton of unused cash entering Week 1. This time they are owners of the second most cap space in the NFL, according to PFT, with $26.6 million. Only the Jacksonville Jaguars own more cap space with $28.7 million.

The Chiefs number will shrink by a small amount once the season kicks off, because only the top 51 cap numbers are counted by the league right now. After the regular season starts, the entire roster, including those on injured reserve, will count towards the cap.

Even with some additions after the start of the season, the Chiefs aren’t likely to fall out of the N0. 2 spot on this list. The closest team to Kansas City is the Philadelphia Eagles at $20.2 million, more than six million away from the Chiefs.

It should come as no surprise the rest of the AFC West — like most of the NFL — is nowhere near Clark Hunt’s Chiefs. The Denver Broncos ($11.1 million) are the closest, followed by the Oakland Raiders ($6 million) and San Diego Chargers ($4.1 million).

Before you think having all this cap space will guarantee a new deal gets done for Dwayne Bowe or any other player, the Chiefs can carry over their remaining cap space to next year. And even then the money they carry over won’t be subject to the league-mandated spending minimum that starts next year, per the PFT report, meaning it may never be used.

You can see the entire team-by-team list here.

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