Chiefs Talked Trade In Second Round

The second day of the 2012 NFL Draft didn’t deliver as much non-stop action as the first round, but there were still plenty of trades around the league. For the second straight day, the Kansas City Chiefs talked about making a move, but decided to stay put.

GM Scott Pioli said a run on offensive lineman had him worried the Chiefs would miss out on the player they were targeting with the 44th overall selection.

“We started talking to people about possibly moving up because we knew we wanted Jeff Allen,” Pioli said. “Then tackles started going and we were saying, ‘OK, he’s going to go at some point in time,’ but we saw some of the prices that people were asking and it was like, ‘Whoa, wait a second here. Yesterday there were people moving in the first round not even looking for that.’”

The tables quickly turned on Pioli when the Chiefs were on the clock in the second round. Instead of potentially packaging picks to move up, now Pioli had the chance to add extra selections.

“When we were on the clock, we got a couple of calls. I didn’t even pick up the phone the pick where we took Jeff.”

That burst of offensive lineman likely scared Pioli into staying put at No. 44. Sure, an extra pick on Saturday would have been nice, but there was a severe drop off from Allen to the next group of available guards.

Pioli had a chance to get a long-term answer inside and he wasn’t going to roll the dice.

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