Chiefs Face Important Coin Flip

The Kansas City Chiefs will be in Indianapolis on Friday to keep an eye on the NFL Draft prospects at the scouting combine. But before they start to settle on their board, the team needs to know exactly where they will be selecting in the first round.

GM Scott Pioli will find out if he owns the 11th or 12th pick in the draft based on if he calls “heads” or “tails” at the Westin Hotel early in the morning. The team on the other side of the flip is the Seattle Seahawks with both finishing the 2011 season 7-9 and also had the same strength-of-schedule (opponents went 131-125).

One spot in the first round may night seem like a huge deal, but it could be the difference between moving up/back or staying put.

Earlier in the week we talked about the potential of Ryan Tannehill’s stock continuing to rise and becoming a target of a team that falls in love later in the first round. If they start to feel he won’t be around in the 20s, that could make the Chiefs pick a prime target.

Hopefully Pioli remembers: “Tails Never Fails”!


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