Scott Pioli Expects More First Round Trades

Once the NFL Draft kicks off on Thursday, the only thing that seems to be known is what will happen with the first two picks. After that, all bets are off with almost every pick up for grabs.

In the past, the huge contracts guaranteed to picks at the top of the first round made moves that high out of the question for many teams. With a rookie cap installed heading into the draft for the first time, Kansas City Chiefs GM Scott Pioli told the Boston Globe he thinks we will see more trades in the first round.

“I definitely think there’ll be some different dynamics,’’ Pioli said. “I think there’ll be more teams desiring to move. I mean, we’ve already had a trade [the Redskins trading from sixth to second with the Rams].

“There’s going to be a different mind-set and different thinking, I believe, with a lot of picks and people thinking about trades.’’

The Globe polled eight executives and just over half expected to see more movement at the top of the draft. With the Chiefs sitting at No. 11 and owning all of their original picks plus an extra seventh round selection, Pioli will have the ammunition to make a move up.

Of course, just like he did last season, Pioli also could be on the other side of a trade and slide into the middle of the first round. If he is locked into someone with a wide range like Stanford G David DeCastro, the Chiefs could attempt to slide down a few spots, pick up an extra pick or two and still get his man.

No matter what happens with the 11th pick, there’s no reason to believe we won’t see a lot of fireworks on Thursday night in New York City.

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