Chiefs Win Coin Toss, Will Draft 11th Overall

(photo via Josh Looney)

The Kansas City Chiefs got the 2012 season off to a good start, winning a coin flip Friday morning in Indianapolis with the Seattle Seahawks. The Chiefs will now select 11th and the Seahawks 12th.

With identical records and strength-of-schedule, the two teams needed to flip for the better spot in the first round. The Miami Dolphins and Carolina Panthers also had to flip for No. 8/9, with the Dolphins coming up on the right side.

As you can see from Looney’s photo, there was no relying on “Tails Never Fails” with the NFL using an official logo coin.

The win will be downplayed by many, but that high in the draft there’s a big difference between 11 and 12. If anyone unexpected starts to drop, not only will the Chiefs have a shot at them before the Seahawks, they will also get more in a trade from teams wanting to jump ahead of Seattle.

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