SI Mock Draft: Don Banks Switches Lines

As the first batch of mock drafts rolled out, there seemed to be a solid split between projecting offense or defense for the Kansas City Chiefs. As we approach the NFL Scouting Combine and get closer to the Draft, it would appear the majority are now looking at the offensive line for Scott Pioli and the Chiefs at No. 11 or 12.

SI’s Don Banks first sent Penn State DT Devon Still to Kansas City, but in his latest mock goes with a familiar name on the offensive line.

Jonathan Martin, OT, Stanford

The Chiefs have to upgrade at right offensive tackle, and Martin is the most obvious direction to head with both Kalil and Reiff already gone. An inside linebacker like Boston College’s Luke Kuechly or a defensive tackle like Memphis’ Dontari Poe would fill other areas of need with players who will wind up with grades in the top 15-20 range.

If the Chiefs don’t trade back and decide to go with the top offensive lineman on the board, it will likely be either Martin or Mike Adams from Ohio State. The combine should help to separate the two and give Pioli a better idea which one will be higher on his draft board come April.

Another interesting scenario that plays out in Banks’ latest effort is the rise of Texas A&M QB Ryan Tannehill all the way to No. 12 (where the Chiefs could be if they lose a coin flip with the Seattle Seahawks). I think that’s too high for him, but just the idea of that sort of jump creates a lot of new questions.

It’s no secret that the Chiefs need an upgrade at quarterback and have made it clear incumbent Matt Cassel will have competition when training camp rolls around. Could it be Tannehill? It’s possible. But more interesting to me is the increased possibility for Pioli to trade back in the first round and pick up quite the bounty.

If Tannehill is the hot name after Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III, there’s a good chance the Chiefs pick will be sought after. Remember, it just takes one team to fall in love.

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  1. Good thing Mr. Banks doesn’t run the team. Otherwise, Mr. Martin would be standing there with no QB of note to protect. Again, as fans, we should not let these “third parties” distract others or keep us from keeping pressure on Scott to get us an exciting QB. The QB touches the ball virtually every play. Where else would you want your “playmaker” positioned? Spend all of the cap if necessary – get an exciting QB.

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