A Compromise For Kansas City Chiefs Fans

There seems to be a very strong feeling among Kansas City Chiefs fans that now is the time for owner Clark Hunt to make some major changes. Some feel those changes are well overdue considering how bad the Chiefs have been for most of the season. Over two weeks ago, when the Chiefs were embarrassed […]

Chiefs Vs. Bengals: Game Balls

The Kansas City Chiefs took the impressive effort they put together last week against the Pittsburgh Steelers and tossed it out the window with another no-show on Sunday. This time, their miserable performance was in the form of a 28-6 loss to the Cincinnati Bengals at Arrowhead Stadium. To no one’s surprise, there were more […]

Chiefs Disappointing Season A Killer

If you are a Kansas City Chiefs fan, no doubt you’ve felt the pain of what can best be described as a season-long stomach punch. But at least they haven’t killed you, something not everyone can say. When Sam Lickteig passed away on November 14 due to complications from MS, his obituary mentioned another reason […]

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