No QB For Chiefs At No. 1 Overall?

If the Kansas City Chiefs stay on their current path, they will end up with the top pick in April’s NFL Draft. And really no matter where they select, the Chiefs will finally use a high pick to try and find a franchise QB, right?

Not so, according to ESPN’s Mel Kiper and Todd McShay.

Before you start to freak out, their explanations makes perfect sense. That doesn’t mean you won’t freak out anyway, but the two draft analysts don’t think the Chiefs can go with a quarterback at the top of the first round.

“There’s no Andrew Luck out there, no RGIII, no quarterback,” Kiper said.

Instead of reaching for a quarterback with the No. 1 pick, Kiper sees the best option being some insurance for the Kansas City defense.

“You bring a Manti Te’o in next to Derrick Johnson, the veteran and all of a sudden that front seven, particularly that linebacking corps would be one of the best in the NFL, potentially.”

McShay is a big fan of Te’o, but wonders about trying to sell an inside linebacker as the top pick in the draft. To him, the Chiefs will be stuck between a rock and a hard place if things don’t change.

“If you’re picking at No. 1 and you’re the Kansas City Chiefs. It is your biggest need and you’ve got to take advantage of being here, but there’s no one to draft,” McShay said. “It could not be a worse situation if this is how it plays out in April.”

For me it’s a weird place to be, because I’ve always said a team needs to take the player they want. I hated the idea of the Chiefs reaching for Dontari Poe last year, that was there guy and is there a huge difference between taking him at 11 or trading down at maybe getting him at 17? Get who you want.

But No. 1 overall is a whole different world. You decide what direction the draft will head, especially this year when there’s no unanimous player waiting to be picked in the top spot.

Assuming the Chiefs continue to live at the bottom of the standings (not an unreasonable assumption) the perfect scenario would of course be to trade out of the top spot and pick up extra assets while still getting a potential franchise QB.

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