Browns Knew Chiefs Would Draft Johnny Manziel


During the Johnny Manziel draft slide last week, fans all around the leagues started to wonder if their team might pull the trigger on the polarizing quarterback. It was no different in Kansas City, where it’s been ages since the Chiefs had a true “quarterback of the future”.

The Chiefs never had a chance to make a decision on Johnny Football because the Cleveland Browns jumped ahead of them to take the former Texas A&M star. The Browns had been waiting all night for the right spot to go and get Manziel and Cleveland’s quarterbacks coach, Dowell Loggains, told ESPN radio in Arkansas why it was important to jump in when they did.

“We had almost made trades with Tennessee and Dallas and backed out,” Loggains said. ” … We were sitting there, and Coach Pettine keeps texting me, and we’re going back and forth and we’re going, ‘Hey does Dallas take him here? No they won’t. Does St. Louis take him at 13?’ We knew we had to get in front of the Chiefs (at No. 23) because we knew they would draft him.”

Not thought the Chiefs would draft him…  KNEW.

If Andy Reid and John Dorsey had decided to go with Manziel, he obviously was a special case, because they didn’t have any interest in the other top tier quarterbacks. Specifically, they passed on the chance to take Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater. They felt comfortable enough to wait until the fifth round when Aaron Murray out of Georgia became good value.

Does being so close to Manziel make you feel any differently about the Chiefs draft?


  1. This is a moronic article. How did Cleveland KNOW KC was taking Manziel @ 23? Until R or D says that, then don’t believe it. If they DID want him, they would not sit there praying his slide would continue – that’s plain stupid.
    Cleveland is the QB death zone – Johnny Football will be the next name added to that list; but this ‘story’ is BS.
    Their top offensive weapon is gone for the year, and they don’t even TRY to replace him. Look at their WRs??? What does tell you about this organization?

  2. I agree. And don’t forget Oakland’s QB death zone! Oh wait, I’m sorry. That would be where once promising careers go to DIE.
    Anywho, if someone believes that Reid or Dorsey wanted ANY part of that freakshow, I’ve got a premium subscription to Phil’s Whim Planet (Chiefs Planet) for sale at a paltry Eleventy Billion dollars.
    Paypal, please.

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