Tim Grunhard On Charlie Weis

Former Notre Dame and Kansas City Chiefs OL Tim Grunhard was on the verge of accepting a job to work on Charlie Weis’ staff last season.  Grunhard spoke with Weis shortly after he was hired by Todd Haley to run the Chiefs offense and thinks Kansas City is a better fit than South Bend.

“I talked to him very briefly and he sounded energized.  Obviously being the head coach at Notre Dame is a very, very stressful job.  Charlie is a wonderful guy, but he doesn’t have the best people skills at times.  And you have to have a little bit of that when you’re at Notre Dame.

“I think the relationship with the alumni, the relationship with the subway alums, the fans is almost as important as the relationship with the players.  You say that and you think, ‘Well that can’t even be close to the truth,’ but it really is.  You’re selling a product at Notre Dame, and when you’re the coach you’re the head salesman.  I don’t think that really quite was one of Charlie’s strong points.

“And I think (new ND coach Brian Kelly) has that, and I think he gets it, so I think right away the alumni and the guys who played football before and the fans are going to gravitate to this guy, because he’s going to put himself out there as far as being kind of a rah-rah Notre Dame guy.  So it’ll be interesting to see how that works.”

Luckily for Weis his people skills won’t be an issue in Kansas City.  He won’t have to worry about shaking hands and kissing babies of former players in hopes of getting continued donations.  As he knows very well, the only thing that matters at this level is winning.  Though to be fair winning is the most important thing at every level and if would have won more at Notre Dame there would never have been as big of a deal made of his trouble with alumni.

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