A Week Away From Kickoff, Chiefs Still Cramming

Next Friday the Kansas City Chiefs will kick off their preseason schedule when they head to Atlanta to take on the Falcons.  With “real” football just days away, Todd Haley said he always wants more time because there’s always more to cover with your team.

“We’ll always be cramming a lot in because you’re trying to get as much accomplished as you can to have the players prepared.  At the same time, we need to have them prepared for a game situation; especially some of these young guys, there are a lot of things to figure out or to work through so that everybody’s straight,

Haley was quick to point out that being prepared isn’t limited to what goes on between the lines on Sundays.

“That goes from how we’re traveling, what we’re wearing, what it’s like on the road in a hotel, how our pregame routine is going to go so there’s a lot of that peripheral stuff that is just as important as getting ready to play the game,” Haley continued.

“We’re cramming all the time but again, I feel positive with the direction things are going, I feel positive about the progress a lot guys are making and I feel positive about the progress the team is making.  We first have a Saturday scrimmage to get ready for and that will be another good test for them and we’ll be playing before we know it.  It’s going fast.  There’s no doubt about that.”

Just like training camp snuck up on me, it’s amazing that we are only a week from seeing the Chiefs line up against another team.  The scrimmage on Saturday will be very cool, but that’s nothing compared to what we will see next Friday in Atlanta, especially with the bottom of the roster so fluid.

Haley brings up a great point about introducing the players to all of the extra stuff that comes along with being a professional (hopefully Dwayne Bowe leaves this part to the coaches).  There is a world of difference between a college and pro road trip and with so many rookies on the squad, this first trek out of the gate is huge for the Chiefs.

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