Schefter: Sounds Like Haley Will Call The Plays

Two weeks have gone by since the Kansas City Chiefs 2010 season came to an end yet they are still without an offensive coordinator.  There have been plenty of names thrown around, but no news out of Arrowhead Stadium.  During an online chat Friday, ESPN’s Adam Schefter was asked about the still-empty position.

No matter who the Chiefs hire as their OC, it still sounds like Todd Haley will call the plays. I’ve gotten a lot of questions about the Chiefs OC, but it’s really one of the more insignificant hires that will be made. The Chiefs offense will have Haley’s imprint all over it.

This is what we’ve been talking about since Charlie Weis decided to leave the Chiefs for the Florida Gators.  Haley was hired because of his success as an offensive coach, so why not let him design the offense and call the plays?  But of course that doesn’t mean Haley has to be the coordinator.

The best way for the Kansas City offense to function next season would be for Haley to promote one of his current coaches to coordinator to handle the day-to-day maintenance while Haley calls the plays.  I understand those that have pleaded with me that the Chiefs head coach needs to learn how to give up control of the offense, but you are simply asking Haley to do something that isn’t in his blood.  The man is at his best when he is calling plays, so why not let him call the plays?

Having a coordinator will prevent him from being overwhelmed the way he was his first season in Kansas City after firing Chan Gailey while handling the play calling will keep everyone on the same page going forward.

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