After Crying Foul On Shaun Smith, Browns Center Fined

Following the Chiefs victory over the Browns, Cleveland center Alex Mack accused Kansas City DL Shaun Smith or grabbing his testicles.  With the weekly fines due to be handed out by the league, we would know Mack was telling the truth if Smith were slapped with a fine.

He was involved in a play that resulted in a fine, but not the one Mack was hoping for: he was fined $5,000 for a late hit.

Mack jumped over the pile and drilled linebacker Derrick Johnson.  Mack was flagged 15-yards for unnecessary roughness, and two plays later Phil Dawson was wide right on a 42-yard field goal attempt.

Meanwhile, Kansas City’s Kendrick Lewis was also fined $5,000 for the helmet-to-helmet hit that left Browns tight end Evan Moore with a concussion.

I’m sure Smith did something that resulted in Mack getting hit below the belt, if only because a man doesn’t accuse another of that sort of offense just for fun.  But clearly the league didn’t feel it was anything intentional or he would have been docked a whole lot more than the 5k Mack got.

The league is under a lot of pressure to solve the concussion epidemic across the league meaning Lewis never had a chance to avoid a fine.  It’s a shame because there was no other play for Lewis.  Either he hits Moore like a ton of bricks to break up the play or pull off and hope that he drops the ball.

I don’t have an issue with the NFL protecting players when it comes to helmet-to-helmet hits, but it didn’t look like that’s what happened with Lewis and Moore.  Not the end of the world for the Chiefs safety to write a $5,000 check, it just stinks because he didn’t have another play.

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