Alex Smith Takes Pride In His Wheels


The Kansas City Chiefs stayed perfect Sunday with a tight 23-17 win over the Cleveland Browns. Over their eight wins one of the most consistent players has been Jamaal Charles, who has at least 99 yards from scrimmage in every game.

The explosive running back is easily the Chiefs leading rusher with 634 yards, which isn’t much of a surprise. The bigger surprise could be that QB Alex Smith is second on the team with 258 yards.

To put that in perspective, the two running backs on the roster behind Charles have combined for 70 yards. 70.

Things were no different Sunday with Charles picking up 74 yards and Smith right behind him with 40 while backup running back Knile Davis had just 13 yards.

Smith is already fifth place in team history for most rushing yards by a quarterback in a single season, per the Chiefs official site. Smith knows being a threat to take off and run is huge for the Kansas City offense.

“It’s something I try to take pride in, those kind of hidden yardage (plays) that get kind of lost,” Smith told reporters. “Every week, a little bit here and there, a couple of conversions, those change games.”

The quarterback was talking about how important the blocking downfield of guys like WR Dwayne Bowe is to his success on scrambles.

“On that one run, and it will never show up on a stat sheet, but I think Dwayne had a great block and I made a turn to the edge and it went from a six yard run to a twenty-something yard run.”

It’s the extra yardage on some of those runs that has helped Smith keep pace with Colin Kaepernick, the man that replaced him last season in San Francisco. The Niners signal caller has picked up 294 yards to Smith’s 258 through eight games.

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