Colin Kaepernick Reacts To Alex Smith Trade


While Alex Smith has been making headlines around the league the last few days thanks to a trade to the Kansas City Chiefs, it’s San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick that is still riding the high of an amazing first season in the spotlight.

After getting a chance to hang out with the First Lady in Chicago (and show her some of his moves), Kaepernick talked to the NFL Network about helping to fight childhood obesity. Of course, they couldn’t sit down with the player that took Smith’s spot in the starting lineup without getting his thoughts on the trade with the Chiefs.

Not surprisingly, since the deal isn’t official yet, Kaepernick danced around the issue at first.

“Whether Alex is with us or he is somewhere else next season, he has been a great teammate to me, a great friend, a great mentor,” Kaepernick said. “Anywhere he goes – or if he is still with us – he is going to be successful.”

And, assuming the deal does happen, what will he miss most about having Smith around?

“The biggest thing with Alex is he was always in my ear about making sure I was seeing the defense. Did I see safeties do this? Did I see the rotation? Did I see things like that. Just making sure I had mental clarity when I stepped on the field.”

One of the biggest things that seems to ring true about Smith no matter who sounds off on Smith, is he was a great teammate. Even during a season in which he had every reason to brood, he still showed up to work ready to play and — more importantly — help Kaepernick as he maneuvered his way around the league for the first time.

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  1. Kaepernick is another in a long line of teammates to speak well of Smith. As a matter of fact the only people I have heard talk bad about him are our own Chiefs fans who all wanted Geno Smith. I too, was in the Geno camp, but after thoroughly checking Alex out I am convinced he is the perfect fit here. I still believe the Chiefs will draft a QB maybe in the late 3rd round to groom, but for now I could not be any happier about Alex Smith.

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