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To say that WR Dwayne Bowe has had an interesting couple of days could be the understatement of the year.

First it was revealed that he told ESPN The Magazine about alleged “importing” of women by his teammates during a road trip to San Diego in 2007.  Then to make matters worse, 610’s Nick Wright played a clip from Bowe after Wednesday’s practice that again showed less than stellar judgment.

It didn’t take long for members of that ’07 squad to make it clear they were not in any way associated with anything close to what Bowe was talking about.

“The things he’s saying are not true,” defensive lineman Jimmy Wilkerson, who played five seasons for the Chiefs, the last being in 2007.  “Security is so tight at the hotels.  They wouldn’t allow your family members to come up to the rooms, let alone have girls waiting in the rooms for you.  If they did that, it affects the Chiefs owners, the organization and the coaches.  It makes it look like the coaches let this kind of stuff go on and I know Coach (Herm) Edwards did not do that.

“I don’t remember the San Diego trip specifically, but I can tell you there were no girls up on our level.”

“I was a part of that ’07 team and it looks like everybody on that team was a part of this,” said Wilkerson, who played the past two seasons for Tampa Bay and has signed with New Orleans.  “He’s talking about everybody on the team whether they’re married or they’re single.  I’ve been married for about eight years.  That kind of makes me mad because the married guys respect their wives but it makes us look bad.  Now we have to answer to our families and to our wives and let them know we didn’t do anything like that and there was nothing like that going on.”

Patrick Surtain, another member of that team was sure to distance himself from the story when reached for comment by the local NBC affiliate.

“Wow!  If it did happen, you shouldn’t be telling a magazine,” he said, according to NBC-41.  “He probably broke the code for every NFL player that’s ever played.”

There will be a lot of talk about what Bowe needs to do going forward, but Bob Gretz pretty much nails what he must do immediately.

First, he needs to publicly apologize to his teammates on the 2007 team.  Second, he needs to speak to the entire 2010 Chiefs team and tell them he knows he broke the code of a team and that it will never happen again.  But more importantly, he needs to speak directly to Brodie Croyle, Kolby Smith, Rudy Niswanger, Brian Waters, Tamba Hali, Derrick Johnson, Jon McGraw, Jarrad Page, Dustin Colquitt, Casey Wiegmann and Ron Edwards.  Those are the remaining players on the Chiefs roster that were part of that road trip to San Diego in September 2007.  He needs to apologize to them and their wives or significant others.  Bowe need to come clean with his exaggerations, if not outright lies.

What he did in opening his yap was not illegal.  It was just wrong and if the only person he hurt was himself, it would quickly be forgotten.

But that’s not the case.  Other people have been injured here and it’s time for Dwayne Bowe to man up and face the issue head on.

I couldn’t have said it better myself.  No matter if what he said was truthful, exaggerated or just flat out made up he needs to apologize the his teammates and tell the media that he just made something up to have some fun with the ESPN reporter.

It’s a weak excuse, but he needs to say something publicly or he might be ostracized for the rest of his career.  How can a player trust Bowe when they go out on the town knowing in the back of your mind that he could give an inflated version of the night’s events for a magazine?

As for his comments talking about the time he has been spending with Matt Cassel:

“It’s like an extra year with your girlfriend trying to map things out.  You know, those quarterbacks, they’re like my girlfriend.  No homo.”

This isn’t nearly as bad as Larry Johnson throwing the “f” word towards a group of reporters, but it’s not something that should be accepted either.  Unfortunately ever since Jay-Z’s “Run This Town” (in which the line is delivered by Kanye West) it has been used almost non-stop.  I follow a lot of pro and college athletes on Twitter and it’s amazing how blasé so many of them are about using the phrase.

We need to have a little perspective here: Bowe didn’t kill anyone while driving drunk, beat up his girlfriend or have one of his “boys” open fire on a strip club.  That shouldn’t excuse his poor decision making over the past week (or year) but it is something he can correct.  He needs to realize now is the time to grow up.

On the heels of being embarrassed by his suspension last season and now being in the headlines for “breaking the player code” there doesn’t seem like a better time for the 25-year old to do some growing up.

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