All Eyes On Personnel

Yesterday, Kansas City Chiefs coach Todd Haley finalized his roster of coaches.  Now, says Bob Gretz, with all of the skill and experience surrounding Haley in headsets, the next step is to locate more skill for the field.

Now, the focus moves full bore to player personnel.  GM Scott Pioli and Haley must find better talent for those better coaches to handle.  A team’s coaching staff can be filled with top line coaches.  But to be great coaches, they must have great players.

This is not a “what comes first, the chicken or the egg question?”  Great coaches and players must be hatched together; they are not separate items and one is not often found without the other.

It has taken two years for Haley to pull together a staff that seems closer to his vision, one that will operate in a manner far closer to his heritage pillars of Bill Parcells.

With 8 draft picks in the first 5 rounds of April’s draft and (hopefully) an open checkbook courtesy of Clark Hunt, this is the time for Pioli to prove his worth.

No matter if you were a fan of Haley’s rookie season as a head coach or not, there is no denying that the Chiefs were short on big time talent.  If Pioli goes out and provides his head coach with 4 or 5 new starters on both sides of the ball, I fully expect the Chiefs to take that next step under Haley and his new staff.

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