And Then There Was One

With the Chicago Bears falling to the New York Giants last night 17-3, the Kansas City Chiefs are now the last remaining undefeated team in the NFL.

Yes, those Kansas City Chiefs.

If you thought that we would be sitting here on October 4th preparing for a game between an undefeated team and one with two losses and that the Chiefs would be the former, please raise your hand.

You can both put your hand down.

Unfortunately, records don’t predict who will win on Sunday.  In fact, Vegas will probably favor the Colts over the Chiefs by at least 6 points with that number actually rising as the week goes along.

The Colts showed the world yesterday that they are beatable when they fell to the less-than-spectacular Jaguars in Jacksonville.  That it took a 59-yard field goal as time expired should remind us that it wasn’t easy and won’t be when Kansas City takes the trip East.  Though it is now fair to say that a game most of us had earmarked as a loss before the season is now very much in play.

As Todd Haley and his coaching staff watch the tape from the Colts-Jags game, it will become quite clear the Chiefs will need to copy Jacksonville’s offensive game plan.  Run the ball — a lot — and don’t take any chances in the passing game.

The Jaguars only passed for 163 yards, but quarterback David Garrard was efficient doing it.  He finished 17-22 with 2 touchdowns and most importantly, no interceptions.  Meanwhile, they rolled up 174 yards on the ground, averaging 5 yards a carry.

If the Chiefs can keep the score close into the second half, you can expect Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles to get the most carries they have seen so far this season by far.  There is little doubt that they can handle the load, maybe even with a little help from Jackie Battle

The focus for Haley, Charlie Weis and the rest of the staff needs to be on making sure that Cassel protects the ball and gets it out quickly when they do decide to throw the ball.

Hopefully the Chiefs defense will bring a lot more to the table than the Jaguars.  Peyton Manning was intercepted once, but he also put up 352 yards, including 196 to Reggie Wayne.  It’s safe to say that Brandon Flowers will be the busiest man on the Kansas City defense this week.

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