Andre Johnson Won’t Be Limited By “Limited”

After facing Reggie Wayne last week, the Kansas City Chiefs might have felt a little relief to see that Texans WR Andrew Johnson was listed as a “Limited Participation In Practice” with an ankle injury.  Johnson took any of that relief away when he said there is no doubt he will play this weekend.

“I’m fine; pretty much the same as last week,” Johnson said.  “I practiced today, went out and felt pretty good.  I’m still doing rehab and stuff trying to keep my ankle strong and whatnot, but I’ll be out there playing on Sunday.”

He wore an ankle brace, as he did on Sunday when he had five catches for 95 yards against New York.

“It definitely affects me a little bit when I’m trying to cut and things like that because the brace keeps your ankle very stable, so it’s something I’ve been trying to get used to,” he said.  “But other than that, as far as me running, my speed or anything, it doesn’t limit me in any way.”

Johnson didn’t have a great game by his standards, though to be fair the Giants defense was pushing Matt Schaub around all day it was hard for anyone on the Texans offense to get much done.  The next three best receivers on the day for Houston were only able to scrap together 7 catches for 87 yards, making Johnson’s numbers look a bit more impressive.

Last week the Chiefs decided not to put Brandon Flowers exclusively on Reggie Wayne, so there’s no telling who will get the task of keeping up with Johnson this week.

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