Andy Reid Is Ready For Raider Week

The Kansas City Chiefs are a perfect 5-0 so far this season, but this week would be a big one even if that record was reversed.JustinHoustonRaiders

Every Chiefs win feels good, but none is better than one over the Oakland Raiders. For the first time, head coach Andy Reid gets to see that up close and personal this week when the Raiders come calling to Arrowhead Stadium.

“It is Raider week. I’m all about rivalries, I get it,” Reid told reporters Monday. “It’s exciting. I know our fans are going to be crazy, I know that. Our players are going to be fired up for it. These are special in the National Football League, these types of rivalries they get your juices flowing and gets them flowing early. The black and silver, if anybody is wearing it, be careful.”

Be. Careful. Not words you hear often from a coach when talking about the fans of other teams!

Reid mentioned he watched the Raiders late night victory over the San Diego Chargers 27-17. And as the coaches prepare for Sunday’s showdown, the head coach said his players already know what’s coming without anyone having to point things out.

“They know. They’re aware of it. They understand that. I’m not into all that kind of stuff, but you know when you’re playing a rival, and it’s an AFC West team, so that’s very important, too,” Reid said. “Not that they all aren’t, but those become very important games. The fellas, they realize that.”

Every Chiefs fan realizes how big this week is too. And if people thought Arrowhead was loud two weeks ago against the New York Giants, I have a feeling that will seem quiet compared to what the Raiders are going to be greeted by.

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