Another Suh-To-Kansas City Scenario

The majority of “experts” have the Chiefs selecting one of the top offensive tackles or Eric Berry with the fifth overall pick.  However, one name that has started to come up a little more frequently in the last week or so is Ndamukong Suh, considered by some to be the top player in the draft.  The latest example of this is the Kansas City Star’s second mock draft.

5. Kansas City Chiefs … DT Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska

Another defensive lineman?  Suh will anchor the 3-4 defense.

If the Lions decide to try and protect Matthew Stafford, Suh will likely get by Tampa Bay and Washington, putting Scott Pioli in a very interesting position.

Yesterday, Pioli talked very generally about not being able to spend too much on one specific group or position.  Over the past two drafts the Chiefs have guaranteed $31 million to Tyson Jackson and $23 million to Glenn Dorsey.  Handing over another $25 million to Suh would make for one of the highest priced front three in league history.

If you put money aside (which as fans we have the luxury of doing) Suh would seem too good to pass up.  Though I have questions about Jackson, Dorsey and Suh being able to play at the same time, Dorsey made it clear that he can play end or nose tackle.

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