No Need For Boldin And Haley To Clear The Air

The video is well known among Chiefs fans now, then-Cardinals offensive coordinator Todd Haley in a screaming fight with Anquan Boldin during the NFC Championship game.  The two are facing each other Sunday with their new teams but Boldin told the Baltimore Sun there’s no need to clear the air.

“It wasn’t a problem then, and it’s not a problem now,” Boldin said.  “That’s something that happens almost every week in the NFL.  Like I said, we buried that then, and we’re OK.”

Boldin, who said Haley has a knack for maximizing his players’ talents, acknowledged that Haley can also get under his players’ skin.

“When you first come in contact with him, especially as a player, you think he’s a jerk,” Boldin said.  “I know a lot of guys in Arizona didn’t like him at first.  But I think they seemed to realize that he was just trying to get the best out of them, and I’m sure they went through the same thing in Kansas City.”

All the stories that leaked out last season about Haley not being liked?  After an easy going coach like Herm Edwards there wasn’t anyone that would come in and make a ton of friends but Boldin makes it clear that it’s super easy to have issues with Haley.

Haley rubbed a lot of fans and players the wrong with with his approach — and still does — but you have to see where the story ends.  Boldin, Larry Fitzgerald and Kurt Warner have all praised Haley for helping them bring their game to the next level.  Slowly but surely we’ve seen the same thing happen in Kansas City as more players buy in his program.

I’m not sure if CBS has the ability to show any old NFL footage of their choosing including the shouting match, which was on a FOX broadcast.  If they do, I am placing the over/under on how many times they show that clip at 3.5.  If Boldin has a big day, CBS could blow past that number very quickly.

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