Antonio Gates Unsure Of His Availability

When the Kansas City Chiefs head out on the road to take on the San Diego Chargers they won’t know until just before kickoff if they will face their best receiver, Antonio Gates.  The tight end played last weekend against the Raiders and caught six passes for 73 yards, but says he won’t know until Sunday if he will be able to play because of his torn plantar fascia.

“I don’t know,” Gates said.  “It’s weird, because after the game you just never know how this thing is going to react.  I deal with so much pain after the game.  It discourages me so much.  It’s so painful that I say, ‘I can’t keep doing this.’  The beauty of it is I pray about it and I wake up Sunday morning, and that’s usually when I know if I’m going to play or not.”

Considering the only two games Gates missed were positioned around the Chargers bye week to allow him 3 weeks of rest, I have a hard time believing he is going to sit this one out.  He — and everyone else on that team — knows that if San Diego loses on Sunday than their season is over and I can’t see him doing that… after all, this isn’t LaDainian Tomlinson we’re talking about.

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